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Scott Creighton

Great Pyramid Void Enigma: The Mystery of the Hall of the Ancestors, The

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In November 2017, an international team of more than 30 scientists published the result of their two-year-long Great Pyramid research project in the journal Nature.  Using an advanced imaging technique known as muon radiography, three groups working independently from each other discovered a massive, previously unknown space within the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Mainstream Egyptologists suggest that the "Big Void" is simply a stress-relieving device for the Grand Gallery.  But, as Scott Creighton reveals, ancient Coptic-Egyptian texts describe exactly what the Big Void is.

Exploring the controversy surrounding the Big Void, Creighton artfully debunks many of the theories about the purpose of this massive chamber as well as other long-held Egyptology beliefs.  Analyzing the Coptic-Egyptian texts and evidence from astronomy, archaeology, and other sources, the author reveals how the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu as an indestructible recovery vault to help Egyptian civilization rebuild after a cataclysmic natural disaster--a rapid pole shift and subsequent deluge--predicted by his astronomer-priests.  And the key component of the recovery vault would have been the Hall of the Ancestors, a sealed safe haven containing the mummified remains of the Osiris Kings, deceased pharaohs who would seek the benevolence of the gods to ensure Egypt's recovery from the disaster.


SCOTT CREIGHTON is an engineer whose extensive travels allow him to explore ancient sacred sites.  He has appeared on many shows, including Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM.  The host of the alternative Egyptology forum on, he is the author of several books, including The Great Pyramid Hoax.  He lives in Glasgow, Scotland.


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