Solar Transmission #2

Solar Transmission #2

This is the Transmission from the Oracle, scribed on the 23rd day of the 4th month of the year 2022 in honor of Solar Communion: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius.


May our hearts and minds be open to the harmony of balancing giving + receiving, and the strength of building better boundaries.


  1. Create structure through the alignment of masculine + feminine.
  2. Ascension through analysis + integration.
  3. As we shake of the shed, we illuminate the path with the spirit of a Warrior.
  4. Refinement + Beauty carried to Taurus New Moon.
  5. Release the fear of rebirth + alchemization.
  6. Prosperity through balance + equilibrium.  All aspects of life are of equal importance.
  7. Sacrificing the parts of ourselves that are no longer in alignment to be initiated into a higher realm of consciousness.
  8. Allow fluidity + be open to collaboration to transcend your current limitations.
  9. The key to higher consciousness is openness to give + receive love, abundance, + blessings.
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