Prayer for the Taurus New Moon

Prayer for the Taurus New Moon

Scribed by Alexis Smith on the 29th day of the 4th month of the year 2022 for the Community Ritual of the New Moon in Taurus/Partial Solar Eclipse.


We are warriors of this planet.  It is our duty to tend to the Earth and all of the beings that we coexist here with - the two-legged ones, the four-legged ones, the slithering ones, the swimming ones, the winged ones, the insect beings, the bees, the stone beings, the plant beings, the trees, the water beings, the mycelial network beneath the ground...we go to battle for the Liberation of All Beings.  We are interconnected with every single one in a Net of Relationships, like shining jewels within an infinite web.

To be good warriors, we must keep ourselves strong.  How do we show up for ourselves?  In what ways do we tend to the needs of our mind, spirit and body?  Through taking care of ourselves on a most base level, grounding, moving our bodies, eating good food, we are therefore better able to show up in service to this Web of Relations.

One of the biggest ways we can show up for ourselves is through communicating our needs.  In this New Moon Portal, as Mercury finds their-self at home in the sign of Gemini, our communicative action is reborn.  We find clarity and direction in speaking our truth and asserting our boundaries - after all, our words are an act of creation.

While it is vital to clarify our boundaries - it is also necessary to release our stubbornness + resistance to change.  Any boundaries that are keeping us shut-in are not allowing us to reach our full potential, and they must be deprogrammed in order to be of service.

Our Freedom is found when we return to the self and treat ourselves with patience as we do this work to stabilize our foundation.  Take stock of what is no longer serving you in the ways you communicate with others and yourself, and release it.  Go gently on yourself in this process, and allow it to take its time like a rose bud waiting patiently to unfurl.

With all of this, prosperity and abundance are achieved through our leadership as Earth Warriors.  We must take command, we must rise up in our Taurean Throne and do the work to fulfill the rites of our responsibilities to ourselves and to this planet.

The way forward in igniting the spark within our hearts is first to abandon our old assumptions about the way our actions impact those around us, then to surrender to the expansion of our open hearts, find balance within our creative energy, and achieve clarity through the brightest illumination of our inner selves.  The key to this path is to get out of our own way, and to allow ourselves to heal so that we may in turn heal the Earth around us.

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