Remembering the Primordial Waters

The Desert was once The Ocean.

This phrase plays over and over in my head, a constant reminder of how sacred this land truly is. The very water in my glass as I type this is the same water that once filled the Earth, the same water that was birthed at the beginning of our planet's life. It is the mission of the Ancient Ocean Society to remember what the water has known all along - to illuminate and resurrect the practices of the past to co-create an Ancient Future.

Together we will dive deep into the dark waters of the mystery to uncover what was once lost, so that we may become good ancestors for future generations. We do the Great Work so that we may be of benefit and service to the Liberation of All.

Ankh Neteru

And So it Is

  • R I T U A L

    Tending to the growth of self and community through the art of prayer and offering.

  • C O M M U N I T Y

    Rememberance of the interconnectedness of all things and the power to consciously create a sacred space for all.

  • W I S D O M

    Unlocking the keys to understanding self and the universe through the Mystery Teachings of the ancients.